DBT Questions I Ask Myself Daily

DBT Questions I Ask Myself Daily

Throughout my day I try to keep myself in a "DBT" mindset. This involves being mindful of what's happening in my body, my thoughts, my feelings and where all these are coming from. As well as accepting reality as it is, instead of what I wish it would be. Whenever I notice myself reacting instead of responding, or engaging in unhealthy behaviors, I ask myself these questions:

1. Is this a fact or an assumption?

2. Am I acting from emotion or wise mind?

3. What would be effective long term?

4. How can I cope with this using DBT?

5. Is this action in alignment with my goals?

6. Does this lead to building a life worth living?

A huge part of my DBT journey has been acting from wise mind. For me, acting from wise mind means I'm not acting purely based on my reaction in the moment. I stop and think about if I'm being triggered by something in the past and how this action will change my future self. Getting into the habit of asking myself these questions has helped me stay consistent and I hope they help you too!

Try picking one of these questions and practice asking yourself that question multiple times throughout the day. Or reviewing this list of questions daily. Over time, asking yourself these questions will become second nature and will help keep you on track. Remember to be kind and patient with yourself. There are so many DBT skills and it's the small steps that count. Every small step leads to big progress!

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